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The Celebrity Formula?

Written by Tony Lux, directly from Paris.

October 16, 2019

Focus on being famous and you may stay anonymous.

Focus on changing the world, and you may very well achieve celebrity status along the way.

The same rule applies to money.

How come so many people want more money, and still struggle year after year?

If money was the right focus to have, they would have been successful a long time ago.

When you study all the French successful entrepreneurs, you will notice something interesting.

They focused on the value.

Xavier Niel, the French self-made billionaire, started FREE to disrupt the ISP market. Established mobile operators and Internet providers had an illegal deal: SFR, Orange and Bouygues decided to agree on the prices to force consumers to pay higher.

In 2012, the average unlimited phone call and Internet offer was about 80 euros.

FREE came and offered the same for only 19,99.

Niel did not invest into ads. Media did his promotion for free, sharing the good news.

Maybe the new way to become famous, at least for entrepreneurs, is to make a market smile again?

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